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We’re so glad you’re checking out our classes! We think you’re going to love them! 

Aerial Arts

Pole dance combines acrobatics and dance on a vertical pole.  Pole dance is both sensual and athletic.  Learn spins, climbs, poses, tricks and flips! Pole fitness is a fun way to exercise, build strength and flexibility, and cross train. All poles are 12ft, and classes are 60 minutes.

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Silks & Hammock

Aerial Silks are two pieces of long fabric that hang from a single point.  Improve upper body strength by climbing the silks and progressing into poses, inverts, and  drops.  This is a 60 minute small group class that focuses on progressing through the fundamentals of silks.


Sling or Hammock is fabric that can be hung from a single point, and spin, or a double point. Wrap yourself into graceful poses and drops in a sequence of moves that flow into a dance. Hammock offers supported choreography in a  60 minute class. All of our classes are high, spinning hammock!

Aerial yoga is a  60 minute  class that combines traditional yoga stretching with aerial acrobatics.  Inversions allow for spinal decompression, and increased flexibility. 


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Lyra is a metal hoop that hangs from a single point at Fly.  Flow into striking poses and gain strength in this 60 minute class.   

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Grounded Fitness

Yoga & Contortion Fundamentals

Balance your fitness routine with a 60 minute flow yoga class. Lengthen and tone your muscles while increasing your flexibility. Add mindfulness and focused breathing to your fitness practice. 

Contortion Fundamentals features a mix of yoga and stretching using equipment including foam rollers, peanut rollers, and Therabands.  This class is designed to help you gain flexibility and keep your muscles supple.  Work out "the kinks" and relax!

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Tighten, strengthen and tone your muscles with this Pilates and Ballet inspired workout. Barre and Pilates help to sculpt a lean and slender dancer's body. These 60 minute classes target abs, thighs, glutes and arms using small, controlled movements.

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Barre Spiked

The Barre class you know and love but now with added HIIT segments! We're mixing a little bit of cardio in this class to push your workout to the next level!

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Fusion & Aerial Bootcamp

We've blended Pilates, Yoga and HIIT training into a one hour class! This class will blend intense toning, stretching and cardio to maximize your results!

Aerial Bootcamp teaches traditional calisthenic and interval training exercises, but here is our twist.  We are doing this with our beloved apparatuses!  In this 45 minute class, you will get intense conditioning and cardio exercise specific to the aerial arts.

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Trapeze is a suspended bar connected to two ropes.  Fly through the air and learn circus dance in this 60 minute class!  

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