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Pole Dancing & Pole Fitness Classes

Strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and have an amazing time doing it with pole dancing & pole fitness courses offered by our incredible team of aerial fitness professionals here at Fly Circus & Aerial Arts.

Each pole dancing class follows the same carefully curated format. We begin with a warm-up to increase your core temperature and fire every major muscle group to put your body in optimum pole dance mode. Every pole dancing lesson includes a Journal Review. This gives you an opportunity to continue to work on what you learned in class or spend time honing your previously learned tricks. You’ll finish class by cooling down and stretching. All coaching is done with a focus on proper form and body mechanics to learn safely and effectively. Prior pole experience? Email us so we can tailor your pole dance classes to meet your skill level! Book your lesson online today!

New Flyers

New Flyers will ease you into the fun and challenging world of pole dancing and pole fitness! In this series of 4 pole dance classes you’ll learn spins, transitions and all the basics to make you feel comfortable on your pole journey. Click here for school supplies you'll need for this class.

Aerial Pole Dance

Take your pole skills to the next level, literally! Learn new poses and climbs, inverts and tricks while building strength! Each pole dancing class you’ll learn new moves and master moves from previous pole dance classes, incorporating them into a dance. A class for all skill levels.

Studio Cabaret

Don your very own pair of stiletto heels and learn an aerial dance based on the skills you have learned in our pole dancing class.  Costumes, socks, and knee pads are highly encouraged!  Get your swanky jazz club vibe on!

Grounded Pole Dance

Learn a choreographed dance routine incorporating new spins and building on your current skill base. A class for all skill levels.

Pole Dance Jam

Practice what you've learned in previous pole dance classes to improve your skills!