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School Supplies | Pole Dancing & Aerial Fitness

Pole Dancing Classes


"Pole Shorts"

We know! Don't cringe... But you'll need tight fitting short shorts. We promise you'll learn to love them!

Grip Aid

Pole dancing is a workout, which makes you sweat, which makes you slide. Some days grip aids can be your best friend! We sell some at the studio but you might have a fave you buy online. 


This needs no explanation, right?

Are you brand spank'n new to pole dancing?!?

Click here for the scoop.

Aerial Silk Classes, Hammock, Barre Class, HIIT, Lyra, Trapeze, Contortion & Yoga Classes



These are great for a few reasons: 

1) They make every booty look great!

2) They save your skin from fabric and hoop burns during Lyra and Aerial Silk Classes.

3) They keep your muscles warm.


Bring your favorite mat. Our floor is comfy but you'll appreciate your own personal space for yoga classes.


Again, this needs no explanation.