Take Flight with Aerial Fitness

Spin, glide, twirl, and slide your way into an exciting new world of physical fitness and personal empowerment. A graceful, exciting, and fun fusion of core strengthening, strength training, balance and posture exercise, yoga, and Pilates, experience a brand-new fitness experience with aerial fitness classes by Fly Circus and Aerial Arts! Gain confidence, find empowerment, and most importantly, have fun while training with our positive, respectful, and responsible coaches of aerial fitness and aerial arts.

We are proud to offer a variety of ground-based and aerial fitness courses catered to individuals of all skill and experience levels, including Pole Fitness, Barre Class, Yoga Class, Aerial Hammock & Silks, Trapeze Class, and Lyra Class.


Classes We Offer

Pole Fitness

Aerial Hammock

Barre Class

Lyra Class

Yoga Class

Aerial Silks

Trapeze Class

Specialty Workshops

Young Flyers Class

Benefits of Practicing Aerial Fitness & the Aerial Arts

There are dozens of benefits associated with taking any one of our aerial fitness or ground-based fitness courses. While the benefits of taking a pole dancing class, barre class, yoga class, or other aerial fitness/aerial dance class are different for everyone, here are just a few of the positives our customers have experienced:

  • Gain Strength & Muscle Tone

  • It’s Good for your Heart Health

  • Sleep Better at Night

  • Burn Calories Quickly

  • Increase Your Flexibility

  • Gain Better Body Confidence

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Gain improved Balance

  • Strengthen Your Joints & Bones

  • Gain Increased Fitness Motivation

  • Improved Coordination & Rhythm

  • Have Fun & Make New Friends