About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to Fly Circus & Aerial Arts, where we advocate a respectful, responsible, and positive environment to train in aerial fitness and the aerial arts! At Fly, we employ a collaborative effort in the progression of all things Aerial Fitness, building from the ground up and tailoring learning to each individual. We strive to provide a well-rounded fitness experience by utilizing training inspired by several forms of exercise. We build mental strength and physical skills through an experience that is fun, creative, and confident. We ensure our clients are prepared and inspired to attain personal growth through the aerial arts. Fly is a social endeavor as much as a fitness one! We are a coalition, where support and compliments are encouraged! It is our mission to keep our community safe, by adhering to standards, procedures, and instruction. Fly Circus & Aerial Arts promises a culture of empowerment and celebration while always remembering our roots.

Swinging Performance
Swinging from Ropes
Handstand on Poles
Four Acrobats
Flying Ring
Acrobatic Performance

Our Qualifications

The coaches at Fly have trained extensively in fitness class and aerial arts safety with accredited programs and renowned professionals in the industry. Each coach at Fly is CPR and First Aid certified, holds a nationally recognized fitness training certification and a minimum of one aerial fitness or pole dancing/pole fitness certification.  Our coaches are required to continue their fitness class and aerial fitness education in house and outside of Fly, and we routinely practice new skills, safety and spotting techniques.  We require at least one coach to be certified in each of the apparatuses and aerial fitness methods we offer. Fly has partnered with the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, American Circus Educators,  Pole Dance Community, International Pole Dance Fitness Association, Circus Arts Institute, Born to Fly, Spin City, Pole Moves, YogaFit, Inner Sun Yoga Studio and American Barre Technique.