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Our Team: Dance Company

Julia Martinson aka Julia Buttterfly


Co-Owner, Pole & Fitness Coach

Julia joined the Fly team in the summer of 2018 bringing 4 years of pole dance experience, and 9+ years of managing a fitness center to the team. She grew up in Stevens Point, then graduated from UW-Madison with a Natural Resources degree.

After college, she initially worked on captive rearing endangered species of birds at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI and then at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, TX. She discovered pole after moving back to Wisconsin, wanting some type of mental and physical exercise.


Outside of pole dancing, she and her husband run a home and pet sitting business (Pads and Pets LLC) out of New London where they live with a menagerie of house pets. Besides pole, she loves animals (obviously!), outdoor adventures, amaretto, wines, ciders, and occasionally a beer, and recycling!

Amy Maile aka Amy Aurora

Amy's headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Co-Owner, Aerial Coach

As a former gymnast, Amy found traditional methods of working out so mundane that she rarely partook. That is, until discovering the aerial arts in January 2017. She quickly realized that she could adapt many of the same principles from her gymnast days, yet it possessed its own unique appeal. She found the combination irresistible and her love for the sport quickly grew.
Having undergone back surgery in 2015, and then having both knees replaced in late 2017, Amy loves the challenge aerial fitness provides her on a personal level. Her determination for overcoming obstacles has inspired many and helped them progress through their own journey.

While the primary focus of Amy's training has been on Silks and Lyra, she has also received training on Static and Dance Trapeze, Hammock, and Pole. In addition, she enjoys attending workshops where she can receive training on some of the more unique apparatuses.

She is certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletics & Fitness Association of America.

​When she isn't hanging from a ceiling somewhere, Amy enjoys spending time with her daughter, going on adventures, camping, and finding new projects to work on.

Mandie Martzahl

Mandie street.jpg

Co-Owner, Pole, Aerial, & Kids Coach

Mandie has been interested in circus and performing arts her entire life. She has studied belly dance, burlesque, fire arts, and various circus arts. Mandie is also the host and show director for Dark Arts Circus, based out of Green Bay. Mandie has been training at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts for the last two years. Her favorite apparatus is the lollipop or the lyra. When she is not at the studio she can be found in her garden, walking her dog, or reading.

Lacy Ihde aka Flying Fox


Pole, Fitness, & Aerial Coach

Lacy began her aerial journey with a pole dancing class in 2015 that left her sore but wanting more! She began Lyra the following year and has since spread her wings into the study of silks, hammock, lollipop (aerial hoop on a pole), Spanish web, and dance trapeze.

She is a certified fitness class instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and a certified Beginners Pole Fitness Instructor through Spin City. 
Lacy has traveled around the Midwest to train with Pole Stars and has performed in many venues around Wisconsin as The Flying Fox.
When grounded, she works as a Nurse Practitioner in Neurology.  Lacy also enjoys outdoor running/biking, travel, and spending time with her husband and their three cats.

Nicole aka Nidiamond

2021Nicole website.jpeg

Aerial and Yoga Coach

Nidiamond’s curiosity and eagerness to learn has brought about a multifaceted movement practice. She cultivates her abilities at yoga and aerial classes, workshops, and focused trainings. While pursuing certification in both disciplines, her experience blossomed through months of strenuous, endlessly intriguing study and practice. 


In July of 2018, Nicole achieved two certifications. 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification in the Ashtanga Yoga Tradition through Bay Area Yoga. At the same time she obtained level 1 Aerial Yoga Certification through Inner Sun Yoga Studio. 


Mind soaring with possibility, Nicole spread her wings eager to share her combined passion. Serendipitously, that same summer, she landed a spot teaching Yoga and Aerial Hammock at Aerial Roots Boutique, which later rebranded to Fly Circus and Aerial Arts. 


In her element, she spent the coming years absorbing opportunities to work with industry professionals, attend evolving workshops, and train-cations. She added facets to her practice by exploring additional apparatuses including Silks, Lollipop, Pole and Lyra. She participates in live productions ranging from busker festivals, to sold out shows, choreographing her own combos for the performance routines. 


Nicole completed her 300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification in the Ashtanga Yoga Tradition through Bay Area Yoga in June 2022, and continues to learn ways to share the dynamic nature of movement in a consistent and accessible way.


Nicole is endlessly grateful for the opportunity to co-create and share with you - join her on the ground and in the air! 


alicia headshot.jpg

Aerial, Pole, & Fitness Coach 

Alicia has always found joy in working out and staying active. Whether it’s going on walks, bike rides, practicing yoga or working on conditioning, Alicia is up for the challenge. She had even participated in many tough (and sometimes muddy) 5K, 10K and half marathon running events with her husband.

It wasn’t until November of 2016 that Alicia took her first “Intro to Aerial and Pole” classes. Alicia fell in love with hoop initially but she also loves training in hammock, silks and pole. Alicia joined Fly Circus in the fall of 2019, then discovering trapeze and wanting to learn more to add to her aerial experience. Alicia is a certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletics & Fitness Association of America, and a certified beginner and intermediate Lyra Instructor through Spin City Aerial Fitness.

Outside of the studio, Alicia enjoys many adventures like camping, hiking and traveling with her husband and kids.


Ella Headshot.jpg

Aerial & Kids Coach

Ella has been an athlete her entire life. After spending 10 years as an equestrian, cross country runner, and a black belt in American Karate she was left seeking a more interesting and fulfilling outlet. Finding the aerial arts in December of 2022, Ella’s dreams of flying came true. She quickly became a passionate student, specializing in Silks and Hammock, as well as pursuing training in Lyra, Lollipop, Pole, and the disciplines of Trapeze  (Static & Dance, as well as Flying Trapeze)! 


Ella is a certified Group Fitness Instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. Outside of the studio she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in criminal justice through UW Oshkosh as well as working as a barista in the mornings. She enjoys reading, visiting coffee shops, and spending lots of time outside! 


She’s beyond excited to share the world of aerial arts with you! 

Get ready to see the world from (quite literally) a new perspective! 

Mi Jin

MiJin headshot.jpg

Yoga & Hammock Coach

MiJin is an individual who has dedicated her life to the music industry, but eventually discovered a deep passion for aerial arts. With a diverse range of interests, including yoga, rock climbing, running, art, dance, and music, she finds joy in exploring various forms of physical expression. MiJin possesses a specialized skill set in hammock, and eagerly looks forward to working with students. Outside of the studio, MiJin is a phlebotomist and is currently pursuing her education as a surgical technician. This demonstrates her dedication to the healthcare field and her passion for helping others. Despite her busy schedule, MiJin remains enthusiastic about collaborating with everyone to create a work of art. Her multifaceted background to both aerial and healthcare reflect her drive and the ability to bring a unique perspective to her work. 


Kevin headshot.jpg

Aerial Straps Coach

Kevin is an experienced circus artist based out of Las Vegas. Searching for a creative outlet and a fun workout, Kevin started at Fly Circus in 2018 with interests in pole, aerial silks, and aerial straps. Kevin moved to Las Vegas in 2021 to further pursue advanced aerial skills and expanding on circus disciplines. His focuses are aerial straps, flying trapeze, and custom aerial apparatus, with interests in juggling, trampwall, and handstands. He continues his training and learning with top professionals in the industry.

Taylor & Amber

Social Media Aides

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