Our Team


Jaime Schmitt

Owner, Co-Founder and Coach, PSO Competition Training Unicorn

Jaime is a certified fitness instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America. She holds additional certifications for Biomechanics and Safety in Pole Dancing through OC Pole Fitness AV, an Aerial Yoga Instructor certification through Inner Sun and Flying Buddha Fitness Aerial Yoga, is a certified Advanced Barre Class instructor through American Barre Technique and is Sunrise Yoga Certified. Jaime has studied the aerial arts since 2012.

After a running injury, Jaime decided to try an alternative method to stay in shape. She fell in love with all things aerial and has studied Pole Dance, Aerial Yoga and Hammock, Lyra and Aerial Silk Classes. Jaime's background is in Pilates and Barre and she finds ways to work those principles into every class she teaches. 

Outside of her aerial fitness roots, Jaime has her Master's in Business Administration and Human Resources, is a Six Sigma Green Belt, and a certified project manager. Jaime works as a Sr. Healthcare IT Recruiter.

Jaime is in process to complete her Trapeze Instructor certification through Born to Fly.


Co-Founder, Pole Fitness and Aerial Coach

Kelly has been a student of the aerial arts since 2011.  She earned certification in group fitness through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and certification in pole dancing with Empowerment Through Exotic Dance in 2012, when she began instructing.  Kelly is a certified aerial silks instructor through Circus Arts Institute.
Kelly also has certification in aerial yoga and hammock through Inner Sun Yoga and Flying Buddha Fitness Aerial Yoga.  In addition, she earned certification in Biomechanics and Safety for Aerial Fitness through OC Pole Fitness.  Kelly is also a certified Lyra instructor through Spin City.
Kelly became a Les Mills certified Body Jam instructor in 2012.  Kelly has been a choreographer and performer in several aerial arts events in the Fox Valley.  When she's not defying gravity in the aerial arts, Kelly practices clinical psychology in her private clinic.  She has been a doctor of psychology since 2007.


Pole Fitness Coach, Health Coach and Director of Biomechanics Safety

Lindsay has her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine and a Certified Fitness Coach through Wellcoaches.  She began her aerial fitness journey in 2010, and received her certification in pole dancing through Empowerment through Exotic Dance in 2011. Lindsay holds a number of fitness certifications, including Barre, Yoga and Pilates, and is an American Heart Association Basic Life Support Instructor.

As the Director of Biomechanics Safety at Aerial Roots, Lindsay is responsible for ensuring our programs are challenging and safe for people of all levels. Lindsay creates and implements new training techniques to keep things fresh and to help our clients reach their fitness goals!

Lindsay ridiculously enjoys distance and trail running, hot yoga, water-skiing (and all thing related to hot weather), reading trashy romance novels, traveling, flying trapeze and being active with her mini-me and fur-baby.


Pole Fitness Coach, Customer Relations Manager

Erin took her first pole dancing class in the fall of 2014. She’s always been into working out and staying active so when a friend asked her if she’d ever try pole dancing as a fitness class, her response was, “Sure, I’ll try anything once!” Little did she know she’d fall completely in love with aerial sports. She’s longed to share her passion for aerial fitness since day one and is excited to help coach others in all things aerial fitness.

Erin is certified through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and Pole Moves. She’s excited about the new things she’s learned from her certifications and can’t wait to share them!

Erin spends her week days working for a national insurance company as a Corporate Proposal Writer. When not at work or at the studio, Erin enjoys hiking, swimming, running, settling down with a good book, or just generally exploring anything new and different. She’s extremely goal-oriented, motivated and ready to take on any challenge thrown her way.


Pole Fitness and Aerial Coach

Tiffany found her love for the aerial arts in January 2017. As soon as her first pole dancing class was over, she was instantly hooked. She loves flying on all the aerial apparatuses, but pole will always be number one in her heart. She completed her first pole dance competition in May through Pole Sport Organization in Chicago and instantly signed up for her next which will take place in Minnesota in January! She is currently working on achieving her certifications through AFAA and Spin City.

When she is not flying high she is a wife to a loving husband of 10 years and a mother to a handsome and smart 8-year-old son. She has her license in cosmetology and runs her own little business, The Bath Bomb Bar. She enjoys camping, curling up with a good book, and is always willing to chat about anything Harry Potter and the Wizarding world! Most importantly she loves spending time with her friends and family. ❤️

Erica V.

Yoga Class Coach

Erica has spent 10 years of her life delving deep into mindful practice. Her areas of personal interest/study include: meditation, Indian philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, divine feminine and masculine, Reiki, Sanskrit, Song/vibration, Aromatherapy, gemstones, Kundalini and Belly Dance. She is an Artist with an affinity for the Chakras and personal transformation subjects that inspired the birth of Chrysalis. Erica is the owner of Chrysalis Yoga and Fitness in Appleton.

Erica's yoga practice is exactly what brought about the awareness for her transformation to begin. She uses mindful instruction to bring you present with each breath and movement, providing gentle assistance to encourage and empower the practitioner to find their personal edge.

Expect to end your practice feeling inspired and empowered! Your life's journey is the most important aspect of your life.

Erica received her 200-hour YTT with Empower Yoga, graduating in February of 2017 and is also certified as an Aerial Yoga Instructor through Inner Sun.

Erica S.

Pole Fitness and Aerial Coach

Erica started aerial in 2015, and fell in love with pole and lyra. The various forms of expression, and strength aerial provides had her hooked right away.

Her background of coaching cheer-leading and teaching motorcycle helps her excel at breaking moves down. She loves helping her aerial friends tackle their nemesis moves and never shys away from a challenge.

When she's not working on her aerial journey Erica loves spending time with her fiance and their four fur babies.


Aerial Coach

Calyssa is a certified group fitness class instructor through AFAA and certified aerial hammock instructor through T Spot Yoga and Fitness. Calyssa started practicing the aerial arts of silks and hammock in Bellevue in January 2017 and fell in love! She has had the joy of teaching children's hammock aerial fitness classes in the summer of 2017 at T Spot, then took a break from teaching while starting Grad school. She met the wonderful ladies at Fly and made the decision to jump back into the aerial arts and start teaching again when Fly Boutique opened. She couldn't be more excited to get started! Calyssa is a full-time behavioral therapist for children with Autism and an Aerial Hammock instructor at Fly Circus & Aerial Arts Boutique in Green Bay.


Aerial and Yoga Coach

Nicole’s curiosity and desire to try new things has taken her yoga practice in many different directions. She discovered aerial fitness at a fall work event in 2016. She started taking classes at T-Spot Yoga and Fitness and fell immediately in love with the practice. This year, Nicole completed her 200-hour YTT through Bay Area Yoga and Aerial Hammock Instructor certification through Inner Sun Yoga Studio. She has participated in live performances and loves flowing together combos and choreographing routines.

When she comes down from the fabric, Nicole ventures beyond the concrete jungle and enjoys exploring natural areas, soaking up sunshine, cooling off in the water, and most importantly keeping the Earth clean by picking up any litter she finds on the way. She also enjoys getting lost in a good book, attending live music, dancing, and playing with her fur babies.

She is overjoyed by this opportunity to join the Fly Circus family and to share her passion as an Aerial Hammock instructor! Come dance in the sky with her!


Pole Fitness and Aerial Coach

Lacy began her aerial journey with a pole dancing class in 2015 with our Unicorn, Lorie, that left her sore but wanting more! She began Lyra the following year and recently spread her wings in hammock, lollipop (aerial hoop on a pole), Spanish web and dance trapeze. 😏

She is a certified fitness class instructor through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and is pursuing her certification in Lyra.

Lacy has traveled around the Midwest to train with Pole Stars and has performed in many venues around the Fox Valley as The Flying Fox.

When grounded, she works as a Nurse Practitioner in Neurology, Rehabilitation medicine and Primary Care. She holds her Masters of Science in Nursing and is certified in Multiple Sclerosis and Headache Medicine.

Beyond all things aerial, Lacy enjoys running (15 marathons completed), drag shows, travel and spending time with her husband and their two cats.


Pole Fitness Coach

Julia joined the Fly team in the summer of 2018 and brings 4 years of pole dance experience, and 9+ years of managing a fitness center to the team. She grew up in Stevens Point, then graduated from UW-Madison with a Natural Resources degree.

After college, she initially worked on captive rearing endangered species of birds at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI and then at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, TX. She discovered pole after moving back to Wisconsin, wanting some type of mental and physical exercise.

Outside of pole dancing, she and her husband run a home and pet sitting business (Pads and Pets LLC) out of New London where they live with a menagerie of house pets. Besides pole, she loves animals (obviously!), outdoor adventures, amaretto, wines, ciders, and occasionally a beer, and recycling!


Pole Fitness Coach and Unicorn

Lorie began pole dancing in early 2011.  She fell in love and began instructing late 2011 after she earned certification in group fitness class instruction through the Athletics and Fitness Association of America and certification in pole dancing through Empowerment Through Exotic Dance.  Lorie earned certification in Biomechanics and Safety for Aerial Fitness through OC Pole Fitness. Lorie has danced in multiple local performances and continues her aerial training in studios across the country.

Lorie, nicknamed Unicorn, is known for her positive attitude and optimism. She brings her sunshine with her to every class that she teaches. 

In her private life, she is an onsite account manager and caretaker to her Goldendoodle, Olive.


Aerial and Barre Coach

For Carly, running and weight lifting was her go-to fitness routine. That was until the Fall of 2017 when she discovered Aerial Roots. She started attending Barre Class and Hammock classes regularly and fell in love. She discovered what worked for her but also, she found a new passion for fitness and wanted to share that with everyone!

Carly is a certified group fitness class instructor through AFAA and will be working towards her aerial hammock certification. Carly has also completed her written classwork for her Barre class certification and is now working to complete the practical portion of the program.  She is so excited to be a part of the Fly family and start helping others with their aerial fitness journeys.

Carly spends her week days working as a Corporate Communication Specialist for an Engineering and Manufacturing company. She also runs her own small business, Blue Thistle Events. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband, watching movies, doing DYI projects around the house and getting up to her family’s cottage in the summer time any chance she can!


Aerial Coach

Gina’s love for the aerial arts began in 2018. Like with most things Gina does, she does them with passion and a committed mindset. Gina holds degrees in nutrition and communications, and is working on a masters in special education. As well as being a fulltime mom to a future aerialist, she’s also an instructor for adults with disabilities, at CP.

After spending years in a traditional gym, competitively lifting, she longed for something new and exciting. That’s when a friend introduced Gina to aerial fitness. 💥😍

Shortly after realizing she had a real obsession for all things aerial, she quickly started training in as many fields of the aerial arts as possible. Currently she trains in: hammock, trapeze, Lyra, silks, and pole dancing, while working to obtain her AFAA and high hammock certifications.

Gina really enjoys what she does and it shows in her craft. Taking the time to learn and perfect everything she does makes her a great instructor and someone who truly cares about her clients.

When Gina isn’t being Supermom, a caregiver, an aerial instructor, or an artist, she enjoys long romantic walks to the fridge for cheese, stepping on Legos and quiet nights losing at card games to her boyfriend.

You’ll definitely witness some bad dance moves and finger guns but you’ll also be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated, passionate, and easygoing as Gina. Let her show you what you can do, you just might surprise yourself!


Aerial Coach

Please welcome Keith to the Fly team!! The first male aerial fitness coach in the state! 😍

Keith has been drawn to learning and performing tricks since he was little. Tricks ranging in variety from heelflips on a skateboard to trampoline and banquine backflips; from twirling drum sticks to that silly water drop mouth sound Cameron on Ferris Bueller makes. All. The. Tricks.

In 2018, Keith gave himself the birthday gift of aerial silks classes taught by Fly co-owner Kelly, and he’s been flying from that moment on! Since then Keith has gone on to learn more tricks on as many apparatuses as he can try, while also working towards AFAA and silks certifications.

Keith is constantly imagining aerial short stories to music and loves choreographing and performing (and getting all glittered up for!) aerial tricks; especially dramatic duo acts with his spouse, Carissa!

When not in the air, you might find Keith spending time with his family, coding websites, skateboarding, hiking, playing musical instruments, trying to get just the right angle to snap a photo, doing his eye makeup, being roughly as tall as Jeff Goldblum, or a combination of any of those things.


Aerial Coach

As a former gymnast, Amy found traditional methods of working out so mundane that she rarely partook. That is, until discovering the aerial arts in January 2017. She quickly realized that she could adapt many of the same principles from her gymnast days, yet it possessed its own unique appeal. She found the combination irresistible and her love for the sport quickly grew.

Having undergone back surgery in 2015, and then having both knees replaced in late 2017, Amy loves the challenge aerial fitness provides her on a personal level. Her determination for overcoming obstacles has inspired many and helped them progress through their own journey.

Amy currently trains on static and dance trapeze and pole dancing, with more extensive focus on silks, hammock, and lyra. She has performed locally at several festivals and has set a goal for herself to compete on the silks at a national level within the next few years.

She is working towards her certification as a Group Fitness Class Instructor through the Athletics Association of America as well as obtaining certifications on lyra and silks.

When she isn't hanging from a ceiling somewhere, Amy enjoys spending time with her daughter, throwing pool parties, RVing, and finding new projects to work on.


Aerial Coach

As a teen, Sophia found it really difficult to maintain an active, physical lifestyle without being in a competitive sport. She wanted to be strong and in shape, but had no interest in being on sports teams and even gymnastics had turned competitive. Then Sophia discovered aerial arts! From the first day of class in 2016, she hasn’t turned back. Sophia loves the unique options and challenges aerial apparatuses offers. And, the lean muscle toning, strength and flexibility that she has gained is exactly what she was looking for.

Sophia is working towards her AFAA certification and certifications in silks, to start with. Sophia loves all things aerial fitness, so she isn’t really sure what she won’t be mastering! She is very excited to share this fun sport with kids, teens and adults.

Since she can’t get enough time at the studio, she also practices on her personal apparatuses at home including a pole and lyra.❤️
When Sophia isn’t spinning in the air, she is also moving a lot on the ground. She is a very active participant in speed skating, skateboarding and figure skating … all on wheels, not ice. She is a big animal lover, with several pet cats, chickens and a turtle. 😻🐓🐢Sophia also enjoys creating funky art.

Sophia might be small in stature – just 5 ft – but she is mighty! She is a great instructor with her approachable size, personality and spunk!

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