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Do I need to have prior aerial or dance experience to take classes at Fly?

No prior experience is necessary! We recommend all clients that are new to aerial take the beginner curriculum course where they will learn moves on the ground before climbing and inverting. We recommend at least (4) New Flyers: An Introduction to Pole classes, and (8) beginner classes in silks, trapeze, and lyra. Our hammock classes are designed to cater to all levels. Our beginner level classes will help you learn the basics from the ground up and progress in accordance with your needs.

I struggle with upper body strength; will I be able to do aerial fitness classes?

Of course! Aerial fitness and pole dancing are great ways to build the upper body! Aerial arts naturally tone and strengthen the upper body using our own body weight as resistance over time. In addition, we offer conditioning classes to help build strength on the ground.

I want to cross train, what classes should I take?

At Fly we've put together a well-balanced exercise formula that works to tone, increase strength and flexibility and help you get the most from your workout. We recommend a combination of aerial fitness, barre class and conditioning, and yoga or contortion classes each week.

What should I wear and what supplies do I need?

If you are attending a pole dancing class, please wear fitted pole shorts and a fitted tank top. If you are attending an aerial fitness class, barre class, or yoga class, please wear fitted leggings and a fitted t-shirt. Tank tops also work for barre class and yoga. Please remove jewelry. All pole dancing and aerial fitness classes are done barefoot. Supplies include your aerial journal and checklist, and water in a closed container. You may use approved grip aids on aerial equipment.

More info on what to bring for classes

What if I need to cancel a class I am already registered to take?

Clients are encouraged to register for all Fly Circus and Aerial Arts classes including pole, aerial, conditioning, and flexibility at least 24 hours in advance, cancellation is required 4 hours in advance. Late cancellations or no shows will result in a $10.00 late fee. Clients who cancel at least 4 hours prior to class will be afforded one makeup class within one month’s time. Refunds for missed classes will be considered on a case by case basis. Refunds may be granted in unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances.

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