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Aerial Fitness and Grounded Fitness Classes

We’re so glad you’re checking out our fitness class offerings! Whether you’re looking to take to the sky with pole dancing, aerial silk classes, or aerial yoga, or feel more comfortable on the ground with traditional yoga class and barre class, we think you’re going to love them!

Classes: Classes
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Kid's classes

We offer drop-in classes for children ages 8+. Goals include learning the basic grips, mounts onto the apparatuses, and performance techniques that will allow them to explore aerial arts and aerial fitness safely! Currently kids have the opportunity to learn the basics of and build their core and upper body strength using the Lyra and Hammock!

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Tighten, strengthen and tone your muscles with this Pilates and Ballet inspired workout. Barre and Pilates help to sculpt a lean and slender dancer's body. These 60-minute classes target abs, thighs, glutes and arms using small, controlled movements.

Handstand on Poles

Contortion Fundamentals

Contortion Fundamentals features a mix of yoga and stretching using equipment including foam rollers, peanut rollers, and Therabands. This class is designed to help you gain flexibility and keep your muscles supple. Work out "the kinks" and relax!



Sling or Hammock is fabric that can be hung from a single point or a double point. Wrap yourself into graceful poses and drops in a sequence of moves that flow into a dance. Hammock offers supported choreography in a 60-minute class. Train hammock at 12ft, and high hammock at 20ft.

Beautiful aerialist girl doing acrobatic


Lyra involves circus dance in a hoop. Increase your strength and endurance while dancing! Lyra is a metal hoop that hangs from a single point. Flow into striking poses and gain strength in this 60 minute class.

  • Beginner Lyra

  • Aerial Lyra



Pole dancing combines acrobatics and dance on a vertical pole.  Pole dance is both sensual and athletic.  Learn spins, climbs, poses, tricks and flips! Pole fitness is a fun way to exercise, build strength and flexibility, and cross train. All poles are 12ft, and classes are 60 minutes.

  • Beginner Pole

  • Aerial Pole

  • Spins, Climbs, & Poses

  • Grounded Pole

  • Pole Conditioning

  • Heel-works Foundations



Aerial Silks are two pieces of long fabric that hang from a single point.  Improve upper body strength by climbing the silks and progressing into poses, inverts, and drops.  Our aerial silk classes are 60-minute small group classes that focus on progressing through the fundamentals of silks.

  • Beginner Silks

  • Aerial Silks

Swinging Performer

Dance Trapeze

Dance Trapeze involves tricks below the bar, on the bar and in the ropes! Every move is taught and trained from a low bar before taken to a mid-height or high trapeze. Learn circus dance and dynamic movements.



Balance your fitness routine with a 60-minute flowing yoga class. Lengthen and tone your muscles while increasing your flexibility. Add mindfulness and focused breathing to your fitness practice.

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Conditioning Classes

Our conditioning classes are designed to aid your development in the aerial arts by building targeted muscle groups. Each 60-minute class focuses on a warm-up, super sets or compound movements, and circuits and intervals. You'll love the results!

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