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Aerial Benefits for Kids

In the circus or aerial world, the performers will often be adults, but did you know aerial sports are just as good for kids too? "There are some really good articles out there about the benefits of circus for kids: promotes creativity, it's not a competitive sport, helps with spatial awareness and mobility, can be a great social opportunity," says Fly Circus's Co-Owner Amanda Martzahl. In a blog from Altitude Fitness Frisco (Frisco, TX) titled, 11 Advantages of Aerial Fitness for Kids , you will see some of the many benefits of aerial sports and fitness. Listed below is what they had to say. 


1. Physical Strength and Flexibility: Aerial activities require the use of various muscle groups, promoting overall body strength and flexibility. Children can develop core strength, upper body strength, and improved flexibility as they engage in different aerial movements and poses.

2. Motor Skills Development: Aerial fitness involves intricate movements and coordination, which can enhance children's motor skills and spatial awareness. Climbing, hanging, and maneuvering in the air can help improve balance and coordination.

3. Confidence and Self-Esteem: Mastering new aerial skills can boost a child's self-confidence and self-esteem. As they achieve small goals and conquer challenges, they'll develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities.

4. Body Awareness: Aerial activities require children to be in tune with their bodies, helping them become more aware of their movements and physical sensations. This heightened body awareness can translate to improved posture and greater control over their bodies.

5. Creativity and Expression: Aerial fitness allows children to express themselves through movement and creative routines. It encourages them to explore different poses, transitions, and sequences, fostering their creativity and imagination.

6. Stress Relief: Aerial fitness can serve as a fun and engaging way for children to relieve stress and release pent-up energy. The physical activity and focus required during aerial sessions can contribute to a sense of relaxation.

7. Social Interaction: Participating in group aerial classes can help children develop social skills and build friendships. Working together on routines and spotting each other during activities promotes teamwork and communication.

8. Cognitive Development: Aerial fitness involves learning sequences, memorizing poses, and making decisions about movement patterns. These mental challenges can enhance cognitive skills such as memory, problem-solving, and sequencing.

9. Goal Setting and Discipline: Aerial fitness requires practice and dedication to improve skills over time. Children can learn about setting goals, working towards them, and the importance of consistent effort.

10. Body Positivity: Engaging in physical activities like aerial fitness can promote a positive body image and appreciation for what their bodies can achieve, rather than focusing solely on appearance.

11. Fun and Engagement: Aerial activities are often enjoyable for children due to the element of play and excitement involved. It can be a unique and captivating way to get them interested in fitness and staying active.


For Fly Circus and Aerial Arts, kids’ classes start at age 8 and are structured drop-in style, allowing the coach to really cater content to the students in class. "I love that we are able to offer this in the Fox Cities and foster a creative and safe space for kids to learn and grow in a really cool art form. Getting to see the kids get better each week and do things they didn't think they ever would be able to do is so special.  Currently the most popular kids' apparatus is hammock. We hear from a fair number of students that they saw aerial videos on YouTube or other social media and want to get involved," continued Amanda.

Additionally, and new this year, we are very excited to announce a very special experience from Fly Circus & Aerial Arts for young flyers: Fly Kids Camp! Students ages 8-14 are invited to this fun filled experience where they will learn aerial hammock, lyra, trapeze, flow arts (silk fans and isis wings), and more! On the final day of camp, students have the option to participate in a brief skills demonstration for their grownups and will receive a certificate of achievement.  Fly Kids Camp is July 9-11 from 1pm- 4pm each day. Parents and other supporters of students are invited on the final day of camp from 4pm-4:15pm for the skills demonstration. The cost: $150 for the 3 days. Day 1: Basic Acrobatics & Circus Stretching, Hammock, Trapeze Day 2: Flow Arts (silk fans), Lyra, Trapeze Day 3: Flow Arts (silk fans and isis wings), Yoga, Circus Jam *Skills Demo after class on day 3!


Students should wear leggings and a t- shirt or tank tap. No zippers, buttons, jewelry or other metal is permitted. Students should bring a refillable water bottle, if possible. Students are expected to attend all 3 days of camp. lf the student is unable to attend for any reason, please be sure to notify Fly Circus & Aerial Arts right away at 920- 764-2902. Please note that there is no refund available for missed class time. 


Spots are still available and can be reserved HERE or look for Fly on Schedule House App. 


Written by:  Alicia Schroder


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