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EleVatE 2024 is just days away!

Every October, Fly Circus and Aerial Arts puts on a Halloween themed show called "Cirque Macabre" which has been held at the ReMixx in Neenah the past few years. A few short months later Fly would generally be holding a student showcase featuring performances on all the apparatuses you see at the Macabre. The apparatuses you see there are a stage poles (which can also double as a stage Lollipop), hammock  and Lyra or hoop. What you don't see are aerial silks.  Aerial silks require a set amount of height to account for fabric wraps and drops or tricks. Unfortunately, anyone wanting to do a silk performance cannot do so at that time & location due to the lack of height. As Fly Circus gained more students in the silks classes, the need for a separate show for them to perform had increased. Therefore, in 2023, EleVatE was created and the use of our very own studio space made it possible. 


It is now 2024 and we are once again hosting our 2nd annual EleVatE show featuring students performing on aerial silks. For the past month and a half, students have been hard at work practicing their routines. "It’s always exciting for me to watch students work on their show routines, but even more so this year, as we have quite a few students who will be making their debut performance in our upcoming EleVatE show on April 20th! I’ve had the honor of working with these students from their very first class. Seeing how far they have come and sharing their excitement in working towards their goals is an incredibly rewarding experience for a coach. At Fly, we give students the freedom to get creative with their routines and even write their own choreography if they wish (although I’m always available to assist with that as needed). With the show just weeks away, we’ve been stepping up the practice sessions. I’ve been available to offer tips, critiques, and/or assist in any last-minute changes, but what’s truly impressive is that most of our students have required little guidance. They have worked hard and have put some amazing routines together. I’m honored to be sharing the stage with them in just a few weeks!" stated Coach (and also co-owner of Fly), Amy.


What do you expect to see at this year's show? "Performers have focused on playing to their strengths and demonstrating originality in their routines. The coaches have put an emphasis on the importance of embracing the character played, and each performer has their own unique appeal. You can expect to see a wide range of performance styles at EleVatE this year. Some are bold and powerful, some are quirky and fun, and some are graceful and elegant. All of them are sure to impress and leave you in awe." Continued Amy. 


Tickets have been on sale since March 8th and continue to be up until the show or until sold out. Tickets are $25/each and can be purchased through the website or by clicking HERE. Day of show: Doors open at 1:45. Showtime 2pm - 3pm. There will be 9 performers this year representing all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).


Fly Circus and Aerial Arts, 101 W Edison Ave, Appleton, WI 54915


Written by: Coach Alicia Schroder

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