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FAQ: Your Aerial Questions Answered!

With our Grand Opening last week and the news coverage that came along with that, we’ve been getting a ton of questions! We thought it might be helpful to answer them in a FAQ style so, we’ve answered some of the most popular questions that we receive!

I don’t have upper body strength; how can I do aerial?

That’s perfectly OK! None of us had upper body strength when we started either! Our programs are progressive and allow you to build arm and core strength while still learning fun tricks and movements! Start with our beginner classes, conditioning classes and stretching classes first. Then when you’re ready, you can move into our aerial classes!

How many people are in a class?

We keep classes small! The recommended class size for anything aerial is no more than 4-6 students per coach. Aerial requires hands on coaching and guidance. We prefer smaller classes so that we are able to give our students more attention and coaching. We’re better able to keep people safe and help them progress with smaller classes.

How many classes do you recommend a person takes?

We leave this up to you and your schedule however, our secret formula is what we call 3-2-2. 3 conditioning classes, 2 aerial classes, 2 stretching classes or sessions each week for a total of 7 hours of activity. We recommend 7 hours of activity each week to help keep you active and progressing in the aerial arts.

What do I wear for classes? Is there a dress code?

We do not have a dress code! The recommended attire for Barre is leggings and a tank; some like Barre socks and some people go barefoot. Silks, trapeze, hammock and lyra require leggings and we recommend fitted t-shirts (rope burns are no joke!). For Yoga and Contortion, leggings and sleeves are recommended to help keep your muscles warm and comfortable during the class. Pole attire requires a tank and shorty shorts! You’ll get used to the shorts; we promise!

How do packages work? How do I sign up?

If you go to our website, our book online tab will direct you to our Mindbody site. Otherwise, you can search us on Mindbody.

As for packages, any of our single sessions, packages or memberships work for any of our classes and everything can be used at both studios! Unlimited memberships are available for the year at $100/month, 6 months at $120/month and 1 month for $130. Class packages are $20 for a single session, $80 for 5 classes or $150 for 10. We offer new students a one-time, introductory offer of 4 classes for $60.

How do the aerial classes work?

After taking the beginner classes, you’ll decide with your coach when you’re ready to move into the aerial classes. Within our aerial classes, we level what people are working on. There is something for everyone to learn and we work with you on progressions specific to you! Since we keep classes small, we’re able to make sure that everyone is learning at their own pace and keep them safe! You’ll work with our great team of coaches to learn core moves and tricks for the apparatus that you are training, and we’ll help you guide your path so that you are continuously progressing!  Each student keeps a journal so that they are able to track what they’ve worked on!

Are there options to perform or compete?

Absolutely! We do quite a few shows during the year and are always adding more! We do a circus show in March, a student showcase in April, a Halloween show in October and then multiple festivals, events and pop up show requests throughout the year.

As for competition, pole competitions are everywhere! Aerial competitions (lyra, hammock and silks) are starting to become more popular as well! Jaime is the competition coach and is responsible for knowing the rules and timelines but, everyone can help you train to compete or perform!

Performances and competition training and practices are included in your monthly membership options! Private lessons are available for a discounted rate if you choose to do private lessons. Otherwise, we have designated competition and performance times and trainings available and add those to the calendar when needed.

Why aerial over any other form of exercise?

This one deserves it’s own blog post! To try to keep this short, aerial covers everything! You get cardio, strength and flexibility training in one! As you progress in aerial, people find they need to focus more attention in certain areas whether its yoga or contortion in order to get the next flexy move or more cardio training to help improve their endurance for a performance or routine. Aerial is a great way to develop fitness goals for yourself.

Another big piece of aerial is the community. The aerial community is an inclusive, supportive and encouraging group of men and women. We help push each other, pick each other up when we’re done and cheer for everyone’s successes. There aren’t many gym workouts that come with their own cheerleaders! The studio erupts with cheering when someone gets a trick or goal that they’ve been working on!

Is your studio co-ed?

Yes! We are a co-ed studio, and anyone is welcome to take any of our classes! We strive to create an inclusive, accepting, welcoming and supportive community. We all have something to teach one another and we can all learn from each other. At Fly, we approach aerial as a team and work together, regardless of gender, age, size, skill level to be our best selves.

Do you welcome participants from other studios?

Yes! We have people that visit from other studios all the time! We’ve recently had aerialists from studios in Minnesota and Colorado visit. We encourage studio hopping to learn from others and to grow relationships and connections throughout the industry. Our coaches try to train at other studios every time we travel, and we’ve trained all around the world because of this! We love to learn from others and meet other people in the industry.

What are your qualifications?

All of our coaches are CPR/First Aid certified and have a group fitness certification from AFAA. After that, they deviate based on the apparatuses that they study. Our coaches focus on only a few apparatuses so that they can dive deep into their practice and become experts in their field. Coaches are certified in either pole, barre, yoga, silks, trapeze, lyra or hammock.

Our coaches have designated training times each week where we practice safety and spotting, how to teach moves and how to progress students. Each coach then practices additionally each week on learning new skills. We also do private lessons with our coaches and create training programs for them so that they continue to learn and grow as well.

Have a question that we didn't cover?

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