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Fly Family Social Jam's are a hit!

In this month's blog, I wanted to talk about a class that Fly Circus and Aerial Arts offers that you probably don't know about. In fact, it's not a class at all, it is a "Fly Family Social Jam". The social jam is a time to connect and socialize with your Fly friends which takes place Thursday evenings from 7:30-8:30 pm right here at the Fly studio. Hot tea and hot chocolate are provided while the members bring the conversation. "Aerial poses, combos and any routine facets in the works are among the discussions as well as book talks covering recent reads or recommendations. Food, activities, adventures, experiences, memories, goals and daydreams have also been the topics of discussion." Here is what some of our members had to say:


"I adore social hour! It’s a super chill time to just connect to our community and build strong relationships with others! I would say feel free to bring a snack, a mug for tea or cocoa and whatever blanket or pillow makes you comfy!" -Ella


"I love social hours, they are so cozy I almost fall asleep, haha. But I find it a great way to get to know everyone in a setting where you aren't half distracted with learning an aerial move. I definitely recommend bringing a blanket." -Lauren 


"I love fam jam! My favorite topics are of course books and aerial, but all sorts of discussions are had. This has been a perfect time to unwind after classes and get to know my aerial friends even better. You do not need to bring anything, but some bring blankets, drinks, snacks, and anything else to make the gathering more cozy and relaxed." -Carissa


"Social jam has been a super fun place where it’s just comfortable and it’s something to look forward to after a long week. It’s almost like a de-stressor to get you ready for the weekend. It’s just like a comfortable little family coming together to spend time and hang out. The shenanigans are fun too." -Brooke


Coach Nicole has been hosting the Social Jams since November 30th with great success. "Extraordinary people come to Fly! I wanted a time dedicated to bringing these people together to continue to foster our community and friendships. I love listening to everyone’s stories, hearing people laugh, and watching them light up as they connect and share.  It's uplifting, entertaining and cozy ♡  I’m grateful for this time together."


Next time you are at our studio on Thursday nights, be sure to stop in for the social jam (You can sign up on our Schedule House App)


Written by Alicia Schroder

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