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Interview with Student Anne Marie

This month, we are focusing on some of the students at Fly Circus and what their experience has been since becoming a student. Anne Marie is one of our aerial hammock students that spoke about how she became interested in the aerial arts. "I saw it on Instagram and thought it looked amazing. I have always wanted to do more physical forms of art like dance or aerial and had been thinking about trying the studio for almost a year but was too nervous to go. I got lucky and a family friend had started taking classes at Fly and invited me along. "Did you know that you don't need to have any fitness background to attend classes at Fly Circus? Some students start from scratch, and some just want a change or challenge in their fitness regime. Anne Marie stated, "I hated working out because being sore is the worst and going to the gym felt like the most boring thing in the world to do. Doing repetitive movements alone gets monotonous and group classes always feel like too much pressure or judgment."

We love hearing about students’ first classes at Fly Circus & how they felt after. Anne Marie said she felt, "Very sore lol. My first class was aerial hammock and I loved that it was a workout without feeling like a workout. It felt like too much fun to make you that sore! But more than that, I loved the fun and open energy. There was no judgment, no pressure, and we were always encouraged to go at our own pace. You could go as far as you wanted with each move, there was no pressure to perform to a certain standard. And if you wanted to be pushed to try something a bit harder, you would have every person in the class cheering you on. I immediately felt like I was in good hands within the first 15 minutes of my first class." She also enjoys the "fun and open" atmosphere at Fly; "There’s always been an element of playfulness that I love. I have never been to a class that wasn’t filled with talking and laughter and jokes. Never a dull moment in the studio." This is something that keeps students like Anne Marie coming back; "The people. The energy and environment are ones that sets you at ease and inspires creativity and that’s only because of the people. Their passion for the sport, their students, their coaches, their friends; it’s evident in everything they do."

Anne Marie has been a student at Fly and marks her one year (Anniversary) on October 27th. "I’m a lot less sore now! Physically, I’ve seen an improvement in some of the more complex moves and I’m able to hold poses that were once impossible for me to get into. It still baffles me to say that I work out twice a week because it’s still not classified as a workout in my head. I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been in, not necessarily visually but just in the way I feel and hold myself now. And even more than that, I’m in better mental and emotional shape. As a recovering perfectionist, it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It reinforced the idea that not being able to perform to a certain standard doesn’t make me a failure (and most importantly can still be fun!). It fills my social and exercise needs while being enjoyable and was the catalyst for a lot of good changes in my life."

We love to encourage people to stop in and try the many classes Fly Circus has to offer. "If your biggest fear is “What if I’m bad at it?”, first of all; same. I basically stalked their (Fly Circus) Instagram page for a year before I had the courage to try it with the help of a friend. And second, if you mess something up or fall or are struggling in any way, you will be met with the most support you’ve ever received in your life. Like seriously, 6 people will start encouraging you all at once and telling you about where they started. With the people at Fly, you absolutely do not have to be good at it to enjoy it. And when you do start to improve (and I promise you will), just their reaction to your success will make it worth your while."

Written by: Alicia Schroder

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