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Fly Circus celebrates 7 years in business

February 24th marks the 7-year anniversary of Fly Circus and Aerial Arts being in business. During this time, we've had lots of students of various ages and backgrounds pass through our doors. We've had visitors come to our studio from across the country, and we've performed in a variety of local events and venues through partnerships developed over time.   Some of the events you may have seen Fly Circus at have been:

· Halloween Cirque Macabre Performances at ReMixx; Neenah 

· Bazaar After Dark: Neenah, New London & Little Chute

· Mural & Buskar; Green Bay

· Light the Night Market; Appleton

· Fox Cities Performing Arts; Cirque Alfonse (Circus Pre-show)

· US Venture Wellness Fair; Appleton

· Home & Lifestyle Show; Green Bay

· Roller Derby Halftime Show; Oshkosh

Fly continues to develop partnerships with local communities to be known as the best choice for Aerial skills education. In general, Fly likes to stay relevant in the Circus fitness realm with offerings to meet students' interests. Some of these offerings come in the form of unique apparatuses and specialty workshops. In addition to regular scheduled classes, in seven years Fly has offered: 

· Doubles Lyra (doing aerial tricks on lyra with 2 people)

· Chandalyra Workshop

· Stacked Lyra

· Flying Pole

· Lollipop 

· Dance Trapeze 

· Chair Dance Workshop

· Twerk Workshop

· Movement Flow Workshop 

· Straps

· Lyrical Hammock

· Polerskating

With that, every day and every student is a success! "As a person who has tried every type of exercise known, and has quit them all, it truly shows how Fly is so much more than just exercise. It's truly my 2nd family/home. I can be having the worst day, and a few minutes after walking through the doors I'm laughing and forgetting all my worries," says student Taylor. "Going to Fly I have met the most amazing and supportive humans. They are always there to cheer you on and keep encouraging you. Walking into Fly you can hear the yelling and excitement when someone conquers something." Fly Circus and Aerial Arts is a wonderful place with an incredible atmosphere. Spin, glide, twirl, and slide your way into an exciting new world of physical fitness and personal empowerment. Be sure to check out Fly Circus at as well as on FacebookInstagram and Tik Tok

Written by: Alicia Schroder 


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