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Fly competitors prepare for the National Aerialympics

In our October 2023 blog Get to Know our Aerialympic Competitors ( we highlighted the regional Aerialympics held in Sheboygan this past November. We also mentioned that nationals are being held in Kansas City, Missouri in June of this year, which is fast approaching. Two of Fly's regional competitors, Mijin and Crispin will once again be taking the stage in the Aerialympics at Liberty Performing Arts Theatre (LPAT), hosted by Cloud Nine Aerial Arts 


Mijin will be performing an advanced hammock solo on Sunday, June 9th. "I'm currently preparing a routine to  'Another Love' by Tom Odell while also focusing on enhancing my physical conditioning. From my previous competition experience, I've identified the need to further develop my stamina. I will be incorporating a lot of new moves into my routine as well. I'm very excited about this competition and also hope to inspire others." 


Crispin will be performing an advanced Lyra solo. "Preparation has been going well. I am putting together a new program to the song 'Musiałaś Ty Dziewce' by Warsaw Village Band. My focus currently is on ironing out new skills and making them reliable to put into the routine, as well as developing my stamina to be able to compete at a higher performance level. On top of this I have a goal to improve my flexibility to try and use a wider range of motion in this routine."


Via the Aerialympics webpage,  "Arguably the most exciting day of competition, Day 3 includes Aerial Hammock, Lyra, and Specialty Apparatus competitions for individuals, duos, and groups! Sunday also features amazing giveaways, surprise events, and our awesome AWARDS ceremony includes year end awards! You will not want to miss it!" Tickets range from $33 to $83 if you are looking to attend to support members of our FLY family and you can purchase them Here 


Regionals will be held again November 2nd and 3rd of this year at Warped Studios in Sheboygan with finals being held in July 2025 at the Liberty Performing Arts Theatre (LPAT) in Kansas City, Missouri!


Written by: Alicia Schroder


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