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Interview with student - Lauren

In this month's blog, we spoke to aerial member Lauren, who has been at Fly Circus for a little over a year now. "I had always thought it looked cool and took a few pole classes years ago, but I was looking for non-traditional ways of working out since the gym intimidated me, and found aerial arts," Lauren said. Prior to attending Fly, Lauren had a minimal fitness background in recent years with having her daughter and having chronic pain but stated that "years ago I was in pretty good shape from Corebar and strength training." When it came to Lauren's first class at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts, it was definitely intimidating walking in, "Everyone was so welcoming and friendly which made me feel better. Standing in the hammock for the first time was exhilarating and doing an open fabric straddle back made me feel like a kid on the playground again. I was definitely sore with some bruises after, but it was a lot of fun". Continuing her fitness journey at Fly, it became a positive experience for Lauren, "I’ve gotten stronger and more flexible in ways I haven’t been for years, and it has definitely helped my mental health gaining friends and confidence in myself when I nail a pose." One of Lauren's greatest achievements has been performing for the first time in the Fly Circus Cirque Macabre annual Halloween Show. "After only a year of training, (performing) boosted my confidence and happiness. My mother said to me after, “I haven’t seen you smile like that in a long time” so I know I found a place where I feel I belong". A sense of belonging is one of many attributes of the atmosphere at Fly Circus. The members and coaches at Fly are, "Silly, friendly, and supportive! You quickly make new friends and support and cheer one another on when someone finally gets a pose or movement right. Definitely a lot of laughs and jokes too. The small classes mean you get better hands-on coaching," according to Lauren. What keeps Lauren coming back is "The insatiable thirst for knowledge and learning a new move or apparatus. It is also so freeing to just flow and do what feels right". Lauren encourages everyone to, "Try it out! There are sampler classes where you can try all the apparatuses to get just a taste but don’t be afraid to dive in! We are all welcoming and just want to see you succeed!"

Fly Circus and Aerial Arts is proud to offer a variety of ground-based and aerial fitness courses catered to individuals of all skill and experience levels, including Pole Fitness, Conditioning, Contortion, Yoga, Aerial Hammock/Sling, Silks, Dance Trapeze, and Lyra/Hoop Classes.

For the schedule of classes, check them out here on our website, or download the Schedule House app:

Written by: Alicia Schroder

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