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The Benefits of Pole

In listening to a brand-new podcast "Pole Adventures" (@poleadventurespodcast), what I've been hearing that seems to be common, is why the guest speakers started their pole/aerial/circus journey. Many of them didn't even think about pole/pole dancing as a career or hobby until later in their lives, and even then, it all started when they attended that first class where they were instantly hooked. What is it about attending a class that makes a person instantly hooked?

The pole and aerial world is a community and a sport that seems to have gained popularity in the past decade or two. The community consists of the local aerial studios as well as aerialists from all over the world with the help of social media and the ease of networking and connecting with others. The community is there for knowledge and support for people of all backgrounds, body types, ages, and abilities. Studios, whether in person or virtual, are meant to be safe places where students can feel confident that they will not be exposed to discrimination, criticism, harassment, nor any form of emotional or physical harm. With that, participating in classes helps with people's mental health (as any form of exercise would provide) by improving your mood, reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, and improving self-confidence. With regular classes and training sessions, students are building their self-confidence by improving their body image and seeing results from strengthening and toning their bodies, not to mention, seeing what they can accomplish on the pole or aerial apparatus. More importantly, pole and aerial classes are fun!

Written by: Alicia Schroder

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