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The Benefits of Small, Multi-Level Aerial Classes

Have you ever felt personally invited to your workout?  Left feeling inspired and fulfilled?  That's what we aim to provide at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts, and one way we achieve this is by offering multi-level aerial classes.  Multi-level means that clients with varying skill level can participate in the same class.

1. There are many reasons why this proves to be a successful program; the first is that it's welcoming for anyone to begin their aerial journey at any time!  There is no waiting for friends and family to join.

2. Our clients begin with a highly structured beginner curriculum that teaches them the foundations of aerial art including how to build strength and flexibility and learn proper mechanics to lift themselves and spin in the air.  We feature smaller class sizes, giving us the opportunity for higher quality, individualized attention.  This means greater attention to safety and success.

3. This naturally fosters trust and body awareness in our clients.  With a smaller class size, coaches are able to easily detect potential safety issues such as prior injuries, fatigue, and the possibility that someone is struggling with a move.  Coaches are able to assess who needs more assistance and who is ready for the next move with ease.  Clients develop a keen sense of anatomy and how to utilize their bodies to achieve the desired results.  Once our clients have completed the beginner program, as determined by their ability to successfully demonstrate key moves, they are ready to join the aerial classes where they will train with clients at various skill level.

4. Our aerial classes are structured so they are diverse for everyone but feature the same combination of moves.  The combinations are leveled, with beginner moves through elite moves so that all of the clients are working on the same progressions and are encouraged by their fellow classmates to advance.

5. Multi-leveled combinations prevents stagnation for clients, as everyone's needs are attended to.  There is greater opportunity to work with variations that cater to individual abilities and style, resulting in personal growth as well as achieved fitness goals. All of our clients are exposed to different modalities of aerial art from sport exercise to theatrical performance.

6. Leveled classes means greater sense of shared experience, community, collaboration, inspiration and support.  Our clients express feeling excited about seeing the potential of what's attainable for them, and on their way, they learn multiple transitions and variations to broaden their knowledge.

7. Speaking of knowledge, our clients receive in depth fitness and dance education.  We set them up with a foundation of strength and flexibility training to meet their fitness goals and teach them theory behind movement and musicality.  Small, multi-leveled class means our clients have time to engage with the music and fully express themselves while getting an intense workout.  It's not only the choreography that is important, but the stage presence, quality of movement, the flare, and the final touches even if it is one single move.  This is what makes Fly Circus a well-oiled machine.  Whether in class, or preparing for performances and competitions, our dancers exude quality presentation, something we're very proud of!

8.  Multi-leveled classes generates a mutually beneficial relationship between client and coach.  There is no hierarchy of skill or importance.  Our clients advance after meeting certain check points.  This process can happen quickly for some, which encourages our coaches to maintain their own training in skill and safety.  Our coaches are required to participate in extensive and ongoing training that makes them knowledgeable and reliable to teach effectively and safely.  Our training programs are accredited, meaning they are recognized by governing bodies in the industry.  If you're curious, head on over to our website and check out the lengthy list of certifications our coaches hold!

Doesn't that sound good?  Imagine all the healthy chemicals our bodies are releasing simply reading about multi-leveled classes!  ;)  See you at Fly!

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