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Interview with student - Jennifer

This month we are throwing the spotlight on member Jennifer who has been a student at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts for about 9 months, however is not new to the aerial fitness world.  "I have been doing aerial for 8 years prior to Fly. I would get stuck at something since I didn't have the upper body strength and felt defeated. Then I would focus on building strength and jump back into it. I started boot camp workouts and was doing those for about a year prior to coming to Fly. I stopped doing other apparatuses other than pole and missed having the variety that Fly offers!" Something you may not know which is that Fly Circus and Aerial Arts offers a diverse blend of ground-based and aerial fitness courses catered to individuals of all skill and experience levels, including Pole Fitness, Yoga, Conditioning,  Aerial Hammock/Sling, Silks, Dance Trapeze, and Lyra/Hoop Classes.


We always like to ask our students what sparked their interest in aerial fitness, and a lot of the time it is about the type of workout you get. "I wanted to get into working out and was not a person who enjoyed traditional working out. I had what I would like to call 'noodle arms'. There was no muscle on my bones. At the time I also struggled with self-confidence within myself." Since Jennifer's first class, she had seen improvements and a growth in her confidence. "I am a lot more confident in different pole moves I didn't do often. Instructors push you to better yourself if you need it to go outside of your comfort zone." Jennifer even performed solo in Fly's 2023 Cirque Macabre Halloween Show. "I did my first pole solo. I have done routines before but it was with at least 5 other people or 2 others. So, with the spotlight singled out on me, I can tell you it was a rush of adrenaline, and I enjoyed every minute of it." 


Rewind back to Jennifer's first class at Fly where she was "blown away"! " Some of the stuff I wasn't introduced to a year into my pole journey. I loved how the progression is based on who is in class versus a written 'this is what we are working on' curriculum. When I decided to try my first aerial pole class at Fly, I was blown away at what all the amazing ladies could do in my class. It made me a bit intimated. I learned after my first class and felt more confident that Fly works at where you are at. I did have (Instructor/Coach) Lacy do an amazing job spotting me and showing me new moves that I have never learned. Also, really honing in and making sure the ones I do know look ironed out." Jennifer continues taking classes at Fly and owes it all to the atmosphere and community. "The atmosphere is very friendly, and everyone is willing to help others and cheer them on with different moves. I remember learning Georgia twist and being so confused in hammock, and then once I got it and then was trying to tip back (invert), I had so many people cheering and rooting me on. The environment is very uplifting!" Jennifer is always learning new things every day and working on or perfecting what she has learned which keeps her coming back! " I also love the community! When I wrote and performed in the (Halloween) show I had a lot of support from others to help me with input when writing my routine."

Jennifer encourages you to try a class at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts. "Honestly, new things and change can be scary. The instructors and community are so kind and willing to help you. You just need to take that first step yourself!"


Written by Alicia Schroder; Aerial Instructor at Fly Circus and Aerial Arts


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